Med School Tutors Consulting partners with administrators, faculty and student representatives to support at-risk students, increase first time pass rates, overall score averages and student engagement, and decrease testing anxiety, stress, delays and deferrals.

Whether we're providing medical curriculum consulting, prep seminars and integrated strategic support for the MCAT, USMLE, Shelf Exams or COMLEX, our singular goal is to help your students achieve their best results via collaborative, longitudinal support, and student- and wellness-centric methods.

Our expert consultants are accomplished, award winning educators with widespread experience outside of MST in academia, residency admissions, advisement, mentorship and even hospital leadership.


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  • The following charts show raw data and feedback from an institution’s M2 students who sat for their USMLE Step 1 exams in the spring of 2016.

    We began with this institution’s M2s with an initial USMLE Seminar in September 2015, and another seminar and individualized 1:1 planning sessions in January 2016.