When one student needs help, call Med School Tutors.
When Faculty, Administrators AND "at-risk" students need help, call MST Consulting.

Increase first time pass rates, overall score averages and student engagement.
Decrease stress, testing anxiety, delays and deferrals.

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Creative, high-yield solutions Increased first time pass rates for USMLE
Evidence-based recommendations Reduced testing delays
Customized planning Reduced student testing anxiety, stress
Targeted student support Increased student sense of preparedness and confidence
  Reduced administrative burden

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  • The following charts show raw data and feedback from an institution’s M2 students who sat for their USMLE Step 1 exams in the spring of 2016.

    We began with this institution’s M2s with an initial USMLE Seminar in September 2015, and another seminar and individualized 1:1 planning sessions in January 2016.